The powers-that-be require us to provide them with 60 day’s notice of our flying events so we have to plan our flying days in advance at the beginning of the year.

We have a system of prime days and roll-over days: if the weather is forecast to be unflyable on a prime date, we’ll roll-over to the following weekend and try again. A list of this year’s dates can be downloaded by clicking here.

Please note that our rocket flying is very weather-dependent: if it’s wet, windy, or if the cloud is too low, then it isn’t safe to fly.

Our club secretary sends out a group email one or two days before we hope to fly, saying whether the weather’s suitable to go flying or not. Contact him on our contact page if you’d like to be included in this group email.

We fly from February ’till November (wrap up warm outwith the summertime as it’s very exposed on the Moor!) but we have to take a break from mid-April to mid-May due to spring lambs being born on the Moor.

At the end of August, we host the annual International Rocket Week: several days of intense flying by rocketeers from all over the world. For details of this event, which you’re more than welcome to attend, click here.