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Who we are: SARA is the United Kingdom Rocketry Association (UKRA) affiliated club for model, high-power, and amateur rocketry in Scotland. We also support student rocketry projects.

What we do: If you've ever had an interest in space and rockets, and wondered if you can build flying model rockets, then we are the club in Scotland that can help you to do that, whether adult or youngster, in a safe, legal, insured, and educational setting.

Safety: We helped to develop the UKRA safety code, the operating manual we follow to ensure our flying is as safe as we can make it for our flyers and spectators. But be aware that you watch and fly rockets at your own risk; our insurance (provided by the BMFA) is comprehensive, but let’s avoid any claims by keeping safe.

What we fly: We fly scratch-built and kit-built rocket vehicles and rocket-boosted gliders of all types and sizes, powered by commercial solid-propellant rocket motors. We also engage in experimentation with hybrid rocket engines. A vast gallery of pictures and videos of our rocket flying meetings can be found on our Facebook page here:

Where we fly: We have arrangements with the landowner of the ground below, and Glasgow and Prestwick air traffic control of the sky above, at our site at the Fairlie Moor just south of Largs in Ayrshire. See our launchsite page for details.

Welcome to SARA! The Scottish Aeronautics  and Rocketry Association

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